tirsdag 23. februar 2010

I have been challenged to write an essay about wearing lingerie, and how it makes me feel. I am not sure if this is an essay, and I am not sure if it makes any sense to anyone (i am not an experienced writer), but nevertheless here it is:

Satin. Just the word satin makes me feel nice inside. Smooth, silky, and soft are words that come to my mind.
When a sheet of satin is formed into a pretty pair of panties things start escalating. I can spend hours browsing lingerie-sites looking for nice specimens of this lovely piece of clothing. Walking past a window-display in a lingeriestore, i can find myself getting lost in time looking at panties and bras hugging the perfect shapes of the exhibition-dolls. I am so jealous of women, because they are "allowed" to wear these items every day.

But, I do have a little secret: I wear panties.
Not every day unfortunately, I have neither the courage nor enough panties to do that. The days I am going to the gym for instance, i have a long road ahead until i dare to show up in the men's locker room wearing my favourite pink satin panties.
Every now and then though, I wake up, have a shower, and make sure my crotch still is smooth-shaved. After caressing my skin with a towel, i get back into bed for a few minutes, just to make sure my skin is dried and smooth. (You see, I really don't like my skin being moist when wearing panties.) When i get out of bed for the second time, i open my special drawer, and go through the contents. What kind of panties to wear? String panties? They are really lovely. Silky soft, but at the same time they make themselves known by riding tight between my two round cheeks. This serves as a constant reminder that i am actually wearing panties. I LOVE this feeling. If I am wearing these to work, I can't really seem to stay focused, but instead I always find myself drifting into a fantasy where work is completely different. I imagine myself dressed in a short tight black skirt, black seemed stockings, high heels, and a white blouse. In this fantasy I am a secretary; typing, copying, fetching coffee, and being pinched in the bum. Sometimes i choose these string panties, even though i know that my work-day will be worhtless, just because i love the fantasies that
i will experience.

Back in front of my drawer, i switch my attention to the black satin and lace briefs. These provide a different experience. In some way they are more subtle, just caressing my butt and thigh all day. They do not provoke the same imaginative behaviour, but they do a really good job in slowly making me aroused througout the day. I guess they make me feel more like a housewife kind of woman. When wearing these panties, I get encouraged to bring out my femininity after work. I like to treat myself with a manicure or pedicure, all while sipping to a glass of dry white wine.

I look through the rest of my panties, and they all fit one of the two descriptions above. The only major difference is colour.
When I have made my choice for the day (today that was a pair of light pink briefs with grey edges.), I reach into the corner of my drawer and pick up a clear plastic item. This is my chastity device (CB-3000). I love to wear that under my panties when i am not travelling. First of all, it prevents my excuse for a manhood to become hard, secondly it enforces my femininity when I have to sit down to pee for instance. After closing the padlock on my chastity device i go back into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror as I slide the pink briefs up my legs until they hug my cheeks tight.

After dressing for work in a pair of jeans and a shirt, it is so nice to feel the soft sensation close to my skin. Looking like a regular guy, it is so exciting to think that no one knows my secret. Even though i would like ONE special person to see the real me.

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  1. Oh my Sweetie, so unknowing. Once you've creamed in panties, that's it darling. You'll now continue to crave more and more, getting a wardrobe of heels and panties and stockings. You'll wear makeup, and yes darling -- you'll suck cock. You'll suck lots of cock, and one day when you're begging for a mouthful of cum, you'll say to yourself, "OMG, what a pathetic fucking sissy cunt I've become!"

    Cummy kisses,