tirsdag 9. februar 2010

First pictures on the web

Hello there,

First of all, I must say this is pretty hard. The vanilla part of me does not agree to posting these pictures on the internet. Once they are posted, they will forever exist somewhere on the web. (i guess)

On the other hand, Abigale does a pretty good job persuading the brain. So, if anyone is interested out there, here is a few pictures of Abigale in lingerie. The outfit consists of three items:

1. Purple satin hipster panties

This pair offers a nice smooth feel against both my bum and my 'clit'. Even though they are not a complete match color-wise, they do make me feel soo soft and feminine. Sorry for the naughty poses :-), but they really show these panties from their best side.

2. White Stayups

I really love stayups. These are currently my only pair, and even if they feel and look very nice, they are approaching retirement. I just need the courage to get me something new. Does anyone have any tips for shopping stockings online? 

This is the only pic from tonight that shows these stockings. They make me feel divine, even if the picture isn't worth much.

3. Pink satin babydoll

This garment is special to me. As the two other items, they feel very nice, but that is not all. This babydoll was purchased together with my Mistress (at that time), during a trip abroad. The memories from going shopping for lingerie is something that gives this particular item a great deal of sentimental value to me.

Requests or tips?

If anyone reading this has got any advice to lingerie that would fit my looks, or tips to good value for money lingerie shops on the web, please leave a comment. It would be highly appreciated.



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