søndag 21. mars 2010


Lately i have been very busy both at work and personally, and I haven't been able to update this blog.

Anyway, I have been able to work on the development of my feminine and submissive sides.

First of all, this week I have removed body-hair that is unsuitable for a sissy. It is a very strange feeling at first. I felt even more naked in a way. But the sensation of pulling a pair of stockings up my newly shaved legs is very HOT. I am a bit nervous about showing up at the gym shaved and with my new pair of panties.
In order to work up the courage to wear panties to the gym  i have decided that i can "get away with" wearing my black satin briefs. I have been thinking that if someone notices these panties, they are propably looking too closely anyway. :-) Wearing these to the gym is my main goal this week. Hopefully i will be able to report back with a success story in a few days.

This was the good news...now for something not so fun.
I have problems fulfilling the first rule of Sissy Master, that I am to swallow my cum when i masturbate. I manage to do it some of the times, but other times i get a feeling of guilt and start wondering what i am doing. Then i usually do not manage to swallow it. I am not sure how i can improve this, so if anyone has any tips, please let me know. There is one way i at least get to eat some of my cum, and that is by placing myself with my butt against the wall behind my bed. Then I use my legs to get my hips up in the air, and out from the wall. I am not so good at explaining this i guess, but anyway i end up with my sissy-clit positioned over my face, aming at my mouth. In this position i always manage to get some cum.

Regarding masturbation, i picked up a tip on another website, and this is to push the sissy-clit inside my body. Then I stick two fingers inside, and start massaging the underside of the head. I haven't managed to cum this way yet, but i am trying, and hopefully i will experience my first orgasm this way soon.