mandag 8. februar 2010

Famous first words

Hello all, (hopefully at least someone)

I am a 31 year old "man" who has been turned on by femininity for more than half my life. And when I say femininity, it is not referring to women, but rather about me having small encounters with my feminine sides.

There has been a naughty little girl inside me since i first "borrowed" a pair of panties from my sister at age 15 (without her knowing, of course).

I have never let this side of me evolve to a big extent. It has always been crushed by guilt, and ending with the masculine part of my brain bullying it. This usually results in throwing away the few pieces of panties and lingerie i have managed to aquire.

There is only one other person in the world who knows about Abigale's real identity, a strong woman i had the pleasure of being introduced to Dominance and submission by. During the time our relationship lasted, she encouraged Abigale, and let her feel what it is like being a woman. But this is a couple of years ago as well.

So, here i am, with my own "stage" this time. Hopefully i am here to stay a bit longer this time around.

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